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  1. ENGINO STEM Robotics ERP MINI Robot Kit
    Special Price £95.99 95.99
    £79.99 (Ex VAT)
    Regular Price £103.19 103.19

    ENGINO STEM Robotics ERP Mini Robot Kit includes software for private use, manuals, 2 motors, 2 IR sensors. The robot you build will be able to move, see obstacles or follow a line with the two IR sensors. Control how your robot moves, choosing wheels or legs, with two motors that can be driven independently so you can have separate pincer movement. There are six robot designs to build from, including a wheeled humanoid figure, a scorpion or insect body and a grabbing claw. See what robots you can make with this 188 piece kit. Your robot can be controlled through the ERP controller, which can be plugged into a USB port on your computer, or you can use the membrane buttons to program on the device itself. Connect your sensors and motors with four input-output ports. The ERP controller comes with a 32-bit ARM Cortex-MO+ micro controller, 256kb of flash memory and 64kb of RAM. In addition to the physical pieces you'll need to create your robot, this Robotic Mini ERP 1.2 kit comes with the ERP 1.2 software needed to program your robots from your computer. The ERP 1.2 software is easy to use, even for beginners, and introduces children to programming in a fun way with clear programming blocks.

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  2. ENGINO Discovering STEM Physics Master Set
    Special Price £111.59 111.59
    £92.99 (Ex VAT)
    Regular Price £112.99 112.99

    The ENGINO Discovering STEM Physics Master Set allows you to let your imagination run wild with 93 working models to choose from and create. Build bridges, cars, windmills, a ballistic catapult, a helicopter or even your own robot. Enjoy making the models with a solar panel, 3V motor, gears, pulleys and 280 pieces to create your own projects. Great for ages 8 and over. Included is a 38 page booklet of experimental activities covering a wide range of subjects, from how cars turn to how to use solar energy to power a robot.

    There are instructions, activities and quiz so you can see what you’re learning with the different kits. This kit combines eight basic kits to make one master set that covers many areas like:

    Levers & linkages – learn how levers make lifting weights easier, and how linkages can create moving platforms, seesaws, wheelbarrow and more.

    Wheel, axels & inclined planes – see how axels help turning and how changes to the size of a wheel affects the car as well as how airport staircases and moving cranes work.

    Pulley drives – discover how pulley drives transfer forces and help lift weight by making a windmill, construction crane and much more.

    Gears & worm drives – investigate speed and force in motion by creating a carousel, helicopter, crane and more.

    Cams & cranks – build a crane, a moving figure, an eagle with flapping wings, an oil pump and more, and investigate how cams and cracks can effect movement.

    Newton’s Law – create a dragster powered by elastic band or a balloon propelled plane to see how energy changes from potential to kinetic.

    Structures – see how bridges are made and why we use different designs.

    Solar powers – build bridges, cars and robots and see them move with the solar power panel and motor.

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  3. ENGINO STEM Robotics ERP Pro 1.2 Edition Robot Kit
    Special Price £217.19 217.19
    £180.99 (Ex VAT)
    Regular Price £242.39 242.39

    ENGINO Robotics ERP Pro Edition Robot Kit with Bluetooth, includes software for private use, a 112 page booklet which explains the theory of robotics with real-life examples and a detailed user manual with programming examples, 3 motors, 2 IR sensors, 1 touch sensor and 5 LEDs. ERP Specifications: • 32-bit ARM CORTEX-M2 micro controller. • 256 Kbytes FLASH, 64 Kbytes RAM. • USB full speed port (12 Mbit/s). • 7 input-output ports. They can connect up to 7 LED’s to teach traffic lights, up to 4 sensors digital or analogue and up to 3 motors (servo or analogue). • Onboard buzzer. • 3 Motor output ports manually programmable for forward and reverse. • 2 LED outputs manually programmable for ON-OFF. • Power source: 6 AA batteries. • Pro version includes WIFI.

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