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  1. littleBits Code Kit Class Pack 30 Students
    £2,572.80 2572.8
    £2,144.00 (Ex VAT)
    Ideal for classrooms, schools, or districts, the Class Pack is an invention-based learning solution for up to 30 students. This pack includes 10 Code Kits and 3 free littleBits tackle boxes for easy storage. Learn More
  2. littleBits Code Kit Class Pack 24 Students
    £2,082.60 2082.6
    £1,735.50 (Ex VAT)
    Ideal for classrooms, schools, or districts, the Class Pack is an invention-based learning solution for up to 24 students. This pack includes 8 Code Kits and 2 free littleBits tackle boxes for easy storage. Learn More
  3. littleBits Code Kit Class Pack 18 Students
    £1,596.06 1596.06
    £1,330.05 (Ex VAT)

    Ideal for classrooms, schools, or districts, the Class Pack is an invention-based learning solution for up to 18 students. This pack includes 6 Code Kits and 1 free littleBits tackle box for easy storage.

    Learn More
  4. littleBits Droid Inventor Kit
    £93.99 93.99
    £78.32 (Ex VAT)
    Kids can create their own Droid and bring it to life using littleBits electronic blocks! With the Droid Inventor app, they’ll give their Droid new abilities and take it on 16+ missions. Suitable for ages 8+ Learn More
  5. littleBits Synth Kit
    £135.99 135.99
    £113.32 (Ex VAT)
    Both kids and professional musicians can explore the science of sound, make sweet beats and create instruments with this award-winning modular synthesizer. Co-designed with world-renowned electronic music maker KORG. Learn More
  6. littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit 2nd Edition
    £199.20 199.2
    £166.00 (Ex VAT)

    The Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition by LittleBits is the ultimate app-enabled invention toolbox. It transforms passive screen time into a passion for hands-on inventing, problem solving and creativity for littlies.

    Learn More
  7. littleBits Code Kit
    £264.06 264.06
    £220.05 (Ex VAT)
    The littleBits Code Kit lets your students build games & inventions in real life, then code them in the desktop Code Kit App using drag-and-drop programming based on Google’s Blockly. All while learning foundational coding skills. As a bonus, it’s easy to teach – even with no prior STEM/CS experience. Learn More
  8. littleBits Arduino Coding Kit
    £98.99 98.99
    £82.49 (Ex VAT)
    The LittleBits Arduino Coding Kit is an intro to programming, allowing anyone to create and code inventions without breadboarding, soldering, or wiring. The Kit comes with 8 of our favorite prototyping Bits, and online instructions to make your own Etch-a-Sketch™, program a visual display, control your computer’s mouse, and more. Learn More
  9. littleBits Toggle Switch
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    The toggle switch Bit is a sturdy on-off switch that you can use to activate your creations with a nice, solid click. Try using it after a USB power Bit as an on-off switch for your whole creation. Learn More
  10. littleBits Timeout
    £16.53 16.53
    £13.77 (Ex VAT)
    The timeout Bit is a settable timer. Try it after a button and follow it with a light. Press and release the button to start the countdown. Learn More
  11. littleBits Threshold
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    Think of the threshold as a toll booth. When the signal passing through a circuit reaches it, the threshold decides whether or not it can continue. Use it to make any sensor Bit (like a temperature sensor) into a trigger Bit! Learn More
  12. littleBits Temperature Sensor
    £22.65 22.65
    £18.87 (Ex VAT)
    The temperatures sensor responds to the temperature surrounding its probe. The higher the temperature it senses, the more signal it sends out. Learn More
  13. littleBits Sound Trigger
    £15.66 15.66
    £13.05 (Ex VAT)
    Use this Bit to control your circuits with sound! The sound trigger listens to the noise level in your room, and sends an ON signal when it gets over a certain level. Try it with a Bit that lights up to create a circuit that responds to the snap of your fingers. Learn More
  14. littleBits Slide Switch
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    The slide switch is a small and convenient way to turn your creations on and off. It uses a sturdy plastic lever to switch back and forth. Try it with any of your favorite Bits, like the DC motor or bright LED! Learn More
  15. littleBits Slide Dimmer
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    The slide dimmer functions just like a light dimmer you might find at home, or a volume fader in a recording studio. You control the slide dimmer Bit by moving its lever from one end of the Bit to the other. Follow it with an LED for some adjustable mood lighting. Learn More
  16. littleBits Sequencer
    £33.22 33.22
    £27.68 (Ex VAT)
    The sequencer allows you to connect up to 8 outputs and control them in sequential patterns. Sequences that would take as long as 4 days to program without littleBits will only take you seconds! Learn More
  17. littleBits Roller Switch
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    The roller switch is a handy Bit -- it has a little lever with a wheel, and activates when something moves past it. You can also flip the mode switch to make it turn off when the lever is pushed in. Try that mode with an LED to make a fridge light. Learn More
  18. littleBits Remote Trigger
    £16.58 16.58
    £13.82 (Ex VAT)
    The remote trigger lets you use a common remote control with your Bit. Make your littleBits circuit and point a remote control at the remote trigger’s sensor. Then, press any button on your remote control to activate the Bit. The remote trigger will work with almost any button on a remote that uses infrared light to send signals. Learn More
  19. littleBits Random
    £21.12 21.12
    £17.60 (Ex VAT)
    The random Bit creates unpredictable voltages and trigger signals to create complex sound sequences. It can either produce white noise, or it can control oscillators to make them play random pitches. Learn More
  20. littleBits Pulse
    £19.02 19.02
    £15.85 (Ex VAT)
    The pulse Bit is like an electronic heartbeat. It makes other Bits turn on and off in a steady rhythm. It's great for making LEDs blink! Learn More
  21. littleBits Pressure Sensor
    £24.27 24.27
    £20.22 (Ex VAT)
    The pressure sensor is a touch-activated Bit - give its pad a little squeeze to activate it. The more pressure you apply, the more signal it sends out. Put it in front of a vibration motor to control how much it shakes! Learn More
  22. littleBits Oscillator
    £20.75 20.75
    £17.29 (Ex VAT)
    The oscillator is a sound source that is capable of creating audio tones that will be used in almost every sound experiment you create with littleBits. This is the main sound source for the Synth Kit! Learn More
  23. littleBits MP3 Player
    £54.72 54.72
    £45.60 (Ex VAT)
    The MP3 player Bit allows you to play your very own MP3 files using littleBits. Sending a signal to the MP3 player can make it work as a media player, sampler, or looper. Just load the MP3 files you want onto the provided SD card and you'll have music and sound effects in your next littleBits invention in no time. Learn More
  24. littleBits Motion Trigger
    £28.22 28.22
    £23.52 (Ex VAT)
    With this Bit, you can control your circuits with motion. The motion trigger is similar to the sensor on an automatic door: when someone is moving nearby, it sends an ON signal to the following Bits. It's very sensitive, so don't move a muscle unless you want to be detected! Try it with some LEDs to create a security light. Learn More
  25. littleBits Mix
    £24.27 24.27
    £20.22 (Ex VAT)
    The littleBits mix Bit allows you to combine 2 inputs and send them to a single output. It also has a volume control for each of its inputs -- that's where the 'mixing' comes in. Use it to play 2 oscillators on a single speaker! Learn More
  26. littleBits Microphone
    £22.70 22.7
    £18.92 (Ex VAT)
    The micro sequencer sends out voltages based on the position of each of the 4 "step" knobs. Connect it to an oscillator and it will step through the "sequence" consecutively to make a melody (the LEDs tell you which step is active). Learn More
  27. littleBits Micro Sequencer
    £23.95 23.95
    £19.96 (Ex VAT)
    You can use the microphone Bit like a small megaphone, or even to turn sounds into light or motion! This Bit translates sounds into a language that littleBits circuits can understand. Learn More
  28. littleBits Light Sensor
    £19.02 19.02
    £15.85 (Ex VAT)
    Use this Bit to control your circuits with light. The amount of light shining on the sensor will change how your circuit behaves. It's a great way to activate your circuit without hands, and is perfect for alarms! Learn More
  29. littleBits Keyboard
    £24.99 24.99
    £20.82 (Ex VAT)
    The keyboard lets you play melodies! It features 13 switches that make up an entire octave of notes. Learn More
  30. littleBits Filter
    £20.84 20.84
    £17.37 (Ex VAT)
    The filter has the most effect on the sound’s character or "timbre." It affects the timbre by changing the relative volume of certain frequencies in the sound. Use it with other synth Bits to give the impression that a sound is "brighter" (more high frequencies) or "darker" (more low frequencies.) Learn More
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