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  1. littleBits USB I/O
    £39.01 39.01
    £32.51 (Ex VAT)
    The USB I/O Bit features 44.1K/12-bit audio conversion for high quality sound. It is also "DC coupled," which means that in addition to sending and receiving signals like music, it can also send and receive control voltages. Learn More
  2. littleBits Bend Sensor
    £22.70 22.7
    £18.92 (Ex VAT)
    The bend sensor turns on as you flex the long strip. To send signal to your output Bits, bend the strip down, towards the Bit's feet. But make sure not to crease it - that could damage your Bit! Try it with a bargraph to test its sensitivity. Learn More
  3. littleBits Button
    £12.56 12.56
    £10.47 (Ex VAT)
    You know what a button is! It’s a classic: big, round, and springy. Push to turn your creation on, and release to turn it off. Snap a buzzer in place after your button to sound out signals in morse code! Learn More
  4. littleBits Delay
    £20.23 20.23
    £16.86 (Ex VAT)
    The delay Bit takes incoming audio and repeats it, like an echo. Delays can be long and spacey, like shouting into the Grand Canyon, or loud and crazy. Learn More
  5. littleBits Dimmer
    £17.99 17.99
    £14.99 (Ex VAT)
    Twist this dimmer back and forth to control your circuit. As you twist the knob clockwise, more signal goes to the Bits that follow, brightening lights, speeding up motors, or raising the volume on buzzers. Learn More
  6. littleBits Envelope
    £20.66 20.66
    £17.22 (Ex VAT)
    The envelope modifies the loudness contour of a sound. It takes a sound input and shapes it into something you'd hear from an acoustic musical instrument, like a piano or saxophone. Learn More
  7. littleBits Filter
    £20.84 20.84
    £17.37 (Ex VAT)
    The filter has the most effect on the sound’s character or "timbre." It affects the timbre by changing the relative volume of certain frequencies in the sound. Use it with other synth Bits to give the impression that a sound is "brighter" (more high frequencies) or "darker" (more low frequencies.) Learn More
  8. littleBits Keyboard
    £24.99 24.99
    £20.82 (Ex VAT)
    The keyboard lets you play melodies! It features 13 switches that make up an entire octave of notes. Learn More
  9. littleBits Light Sensor
    £19.02 19.02
    £15.85 (Ex VAT)
    Use this Bit to control your circuits with light. The amount of light shining on the sensor will change how your circuit behaves. It's a great way to activate your circuit without hands, and is perfect for alarms! Learn More
  10. littleBits Micro Sequencer
    £23.95 23.95
    £19.96 (Ex VAT)
    You can use the microphone Bit like a small megaphone, or even to turn sounds into light or motion! This Bit translates sounds into a language that littleBits circuits can understand. Learn More
  11. littleBits USB Power Adapter + Cable - US
    £14.82 14.82
    £12.35 (Ex VAT)
    This power adapter and USB cable combo is the perfect way to power permanent creations! You can extend your inventions with the 1.5 meter long USB to micro-USB cable. Learn More
  12. littleBits Tackle Box
    £54.72 54.72
    £45.60 (Ex VAT)
    The tackle box is perfect for stowing Bits away in the workshop, or taking on the go! It has 2 levels of storage and customizable compartment sizes, thanks to the included dividers. It can store 450+ Bits in up to 46 compartments. Learn More
  13. littleBits Wire
    £12.65 12.65
    £10.54 (Ex VAT)
    The wire Bit has a flexible wire running between its 2 bitSnaps. This allows you to place your Bits farther apart from each other, turn corners, and make connections that can twist, turn, and spin. Try it whenever you need to break up your chain of Bits, like when you need to put a light at the top of a model building! Learn More
  14. littleBits Wireless Receiver
    £33.72 33.72
    £28.10 (Ex VAT)
    You can control your Bits wirelessly with the inseparable wireless receiver & wireless transmitter pair. The wireless receiver decodes the information that’s sent to it from the wireless transmitter and sends it out of the bitSnap to create an action (such as when your RC car moves in the direction you sent it in). Learn More
  15. littleBits Wireless Transmitter
    £33.72 33.72
    £28.10 (Ex VAT)
    You can control your Bits wirelessly with the inseparable wireless receiver & wireless transmitter pair. The wireless transmitter gathers and encodes information (such as where you want an RC car to move) to send to the receiver. Pair this Bit with the wireless receiver, and you’ve got a remote control for your Bits. Learn More
  16. littleBits XOR
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    The XOR Bit is a logic gate with 2 inputs. Think of it as "exclusive or," meaning that it sends an ON signal when it’s receiving an ON signal exclusively from 1 input or the other, but not both. Learn More
  17. littleBits Brick Adapter
    £14.25 14.25
    £11.87 (Ex VAT)
    The brick adapter enables you to easily snap your Bits to LEGO® bricks. Each pack comes with brick adapter studs and sockets. Learn More
  18. littleBits Shoe Type: Adhesive
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    Adhesive shoes can be secured onto any surface -- paper, cardboard, plastic – you name it! (Adhesive backing is one-time use only.) Learn More
  19. littleBits Shoe Type: Hook + Loop
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    Hook & loop shoes come with an adhesive-backed hook & loop strip. The strip can be cut to any size you desire and affixed to clothing or fabric to enhance your wearable invention. Learn More
  20. littleBits Shoe Type: Magnet
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    Magnet shoes allow you to adhere your circuit to any magnetic surface--like your fridge! Learn More
  21. littleBits Shoe Type: Variety Pack
    £18.89 18.89
    £15.74 (Ex VAT)
    Variety packs come with 5 adhesive shoes, 5 magnet shoes, and 5 hook & loop shoes; everything you need for experimentation and building. Learn More
  22. littleBits Microphone
    £22.70 22.7
    £18.92 (Ex VAT)
    The micro sequencer sends out voltages based on the position of each of the 4 "step" knobs. Connect it to an oscillator and it will step through the "sequence" consecutively to make a melody (the LEDs tell you which step is active). Learn More
  23. littleBits Mix
    £24.27 24.27
    £20.22 (Ex VAT)
    The littleBits mix Bit allows you to combine 2 inputs and send them to a single output. It also has a volume control for each of its inputs -- that's where the 'mixing' comes in. Use it to play 2 oscillators on a single speaker! Learn More
  24. littleBits Sound Trigger
    £15.66 15.66
    £13.05 (Ex VAT)
    Use this Bit to control your circuits with sound! The sound trigger listens to the noise level in your room, and sends an ON signal when it gets over a certain level. Try it with a Bit that lights up to create a circuit that responds to the snap of your fingers. Learn More
  25. littleBits Temperature Sensor
    £22.65 22.65
    £18.87 (Ex VAT)
    The temperatures sensor responds to the temperature surrounding its probe. The higher the temperature it senses, the more signal it sends out. Learn More
  26. littleBits Threshold
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    Think of the threshold as a toll booth. When the signal passing through a circuit reaches it, the threshold decides whether or not it can continue. Use it to make any sensor Bit (like a temperature sensor) into a trigger Bit! Learn More
  27. littleBits Timeout
    £16.53 16.53
    £13.77 (Ex VAT)
    The timeout Bit is a settable timer. Try it after a button and follow it with a light. Press and release the button to start the countdown. Learn More
  28. littleBits Toggle Switch
    £14.08 14.08
    £11.73 (Ex VAT)
    The toggle switch Bit is a sturdy on-off switch that you can use to activate your creations with a nice, solid click. Try using it after a USB power Bit as an on-off switch for your whole creation. Learn More
  29. littleBits Arduino Coding Kit
    £98.99 98.99
    £82.49 (Ex VAT)
    The LittleBits Arduino Coding Kit is an intro to programming, allowing anyone to create and code inventions without breadboarding, soldering, or wiring. The Kit comes with 8 of our favorite prototyping Bits, and online instructions to make your own Etch-a-Sketch™, program a visual display, control your computer’s mouse, and more. Learn More
  30. littleBits Code Kit
    Special Price £265.99 265.99
    £221.66 (Ex VAT)
    Regular Price £292.50 292.5
    The littleBits Code Kit lets your students build games & inventions in real life, then code them in the desktop Code Kit App using drag-and-drop programming based on Google’s Blockly. All while learning foundational coding skills. As a bonus, it’s easy to teach – even with no prior STEM/CS experience. Learn More
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