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  1. EZ-Robot Inspired Curriculum
    £896.75 896.75
    £747.29 (Ex VAT)
    This is much more than an operator’s manual, the curriculum is taught in context of the real world - it helps students understand the impact that robotics will have, both within the workplace and society. Learn More
  2. EZ-Robot Revolution Education Bundle
    £1,440.00 1440
    £1,200.00 (Ex VAT)
    The High School Revolution Robots Bundle includes a variety of EZ-Robots for teachers and students to learn with different rolling, walking and crawling robots for ages 12+ Learn More
  3. EZ-Robot High School Bundle
    £2,099.00 2099
    £1,749.17 (Ex VAT)
    The EZ-Robot humanoid bundle enables students to develop and extend programming skills with a powerful robotics platform. Learn More
  4. EZ-Robot Middle School Bundle
    £2,346.50 2346.5
    £1,955.42 (Ex VAT)
    Bundle for students new to robotics. Five hexapod robots provide students with a powerful robotics platform that teaches robotics using STEM. Learn More
  5. EZ-Robot Hexapod SIX
    £393.69 393.69
    £328.07 (Ex VAT)
    EZ-Robot's Hexapod SIX is a creative robot platform. Assembled with EZ-Bits, Six is a very customizable robot with 6 legs and 12 degrees of freedom. Learn More
  6. EZ-Robot ROLI Rover
    £472.43 472.43
    £393.69 (Ex VAT)
    EZ-Robot's ROLI Rover is a very customizable planetary rover styled robot platform with 13 female EZ-Bit connections for additional EZ-Bits. Learn More
  7. EZ-Robot JD Humanoid
    £505.78 505.78
    £421.48 (Ex VAT)
    Meet JD, a 12.5” (27cm) tall walking, dancing and programmable humanoid robot that comes pre-installed with apps for your PC and mobile device. Learn More
  8. EZ-Robot Developer Kit
    £215.21 215.21
    £179.34 (Ex VAT)
    The EZ-B v4 WiFi Developers Kit contains the electrical components needed to build a robot from scratch. Learn More
  9. EZ-Robot Battle Flipper
    £175.89 175.89
    £146.57 (Ex VAT)
    Prepare to battle, and learn robotics! Place two or more of these Wi-Fi enabled battle flipper robots together and battle to flip! Learn More
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