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  1. Geared Mini-Clocks
    £30.56 30.56
    £25.47 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Geared Mini Clocks. Develop early time telling skills with these sturdy geared mini clocks.

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  2. Pan Balance
    £37.95 37.95
    £31.62 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Pan Balance. This durable plastic pan balance is great for exploring basic measurement concepts.

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  3. Fun Fish Counters
    £39.10 39.1
    £32.58 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Fun Fish Counters. These colourful fish counters feature 12 different species with realistic detailing.

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  4. Three Bear Family® Counter Set - 4 Colours
    £37.63 37.63
    £31.36 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources The Original Three Bear Family Basic Set.

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  5. Pan Balance Jr.
    £33.72 33.72
    £28.10 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Pan Balance Jr. This junior size balance lets children measure and compare amounts.

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  6. Mini Relational GeoSolids®
    £31.39 31.39
    £26.16 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Mini Relational GeoSolids. Teach shapes, sizes and relationships with these handy colourful, plastic geometric pieces.

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  7. Super Bucket Balance
    £32.99 32.99
    £27.49 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Super Bucket Balance. Perfect for measuring liquids or dry items, estimating, comparison and contrasting.

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  8. Snap 'n' Learn Elephants (set of 20)
    £32.45 32.45
    £27.04 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources SnapNLearn Numbers, Counting & Colour Elephants.

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  9. Mini Motors® Counters, set 0f 72
    £30.99 30.99
    £25.82 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Mini Motors Counters (Set of 72).

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  10. One Pence Coins, Set of 100
    £23.25 23.25
    £19.37 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources play money are approved by the HM treasury.

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  11. Cuisenaire Rods Introductory Set
    £28.95 28.95
    £24.12 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Cuisenaire Rods Plastic Introductory Set.

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  12. Double-Sided Magnetic Fraction Circles
    £44.35 44.35
    £36.96 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources DoubleSided Magnetic Demonstration Rainbow Fraction Circles.

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  13. Jungle Animal Counters
    £35.82 35.82
    £29.85 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Jungle Animal Counters. These realistically detailed animal counters help teach children about animals and their habitats.

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  14. Magnetic Foam Rainbow Fraction® Circles
    £27.99 27.99
    £23.32 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Soft Foam Magnetic Rainbow Fraction Circles.

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  15. Connecting People®
    £32.40 32.4
    £27.00 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Connecting People (Set of 96).

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  16. Rainbow Fractions Plastic Tiles with Tray (UK Version)
    £30.32 30.32
    £25.27 (Ex VAT)

    These colour-coded proportional tiles provide a visual and tactile way to teach fractions, decimals, percents and relationships.

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  17. Big Time™ Classroom Clock Kit
    £59.99 59.99
    £49.99 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Big Time Classroom Clock Kit. This comprehensive clock kit is perfect for demonstrating and teaching primary maths learners time!

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  18. Measuring Worms™, set of 72
    £20.30 20.3
    £16.92 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Measuring Worms (Set of 72).

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  19. Money Bags™ Coin Value Game
    £30.92 30.92
    £25.77 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Money Bags Coin Value Game.

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  20. Giant magnetic base ten set
    £40.23 40.23
    £33.52 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Giant Magnetic Base Ten Demonstration Set.

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  21. Three Bear Family® Pattern Cards
    £25.99 25.99
    £21.66 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources The Original Three Bear Family Pattern Cards.

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  22. Super Sorting Set
    £70.02 70.02
    £58.35 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Super Sorting Set. A complete sorting kit for your classroom!

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  23. Time Tracker® Mini
    £34.89 34.89
    £29.07 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Time Tracker Mini. This mini timer is ideal for a variety of tasks.

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  24. Giant Foam Dot Dice, Set of 2
    £23.66 23.66
    £19.72 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Foam Dot Dice.

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  25. Hundreds Pocket Chart
    £34.36 34.36
    £28.63 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Hundred Pocket Chart.

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  26. Primary Bucket Balance
    £30.42 30.42
    £25.35 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Primary Bucket Balance. Perfect for measuring liquids or dry items, estimating, comparisons and contrasting.

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  27. Penguins on Ice Maths Activity Set
    £41.69 41.69
    £34.74 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Penguins on Ice Maths Activity Set. What a "cool" maths activity!

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  28. Bulk Play Money Pack, Set of 700
    £53.99 53.99
    £44.99 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Coins Only Class Set. Build money recognition with this bulk set of 100 realistic plastic play coins.

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  29. Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game
    £37.16 37.16
    £30.97 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game. Inspire kids thinking skills with this pattern and matching game!

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  30. Fraction Tower® Cubes
    £30.85 30.85
    £25.71 (Ex VAT)

    Learning Resources Fraction Tower Cubes Fraction Set.

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