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  1. Snap 'n' Learn Elephants (set of 20)
    £14.45 14.45
    £12.04 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources SnapNLearn Numbers, Counting & Colour Elephants. Appealing insects invite little hands to snap together and pull apart pieces, reinforcing fine motor skills. Great for insectthemed lessons and imaginative play. Link them up from trunk to tail sequence the elephants by number, colour or size. Each blanket is colourcoded to match the creature that comes next in numerical order. Includes five small and five large elephants. Large elephants measure 5.5cm. Includes a handy storage bucket. Skills reinforced: Numbers 110, colour and size sequencing. Suitable for ages 2+ Learn More
  2. Jungle Animal Counters
    £17.82 17.82
    £14.85 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Jungle Animal Counters. These realistically detailed animal counters help teach children about animals and their habitats. The set of 12 counters is made from durable plastic, great for imaginative play both inside and out. Storage bucket and Animal Fun Facts are included. Learn More
  3. Super Sorting Set
    £52.02 52.02
    £43.35 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Super Sorting Set. A complete sorting kit for your classroom! Comes with more than 600 items including Learning Resources Friendly Farm Animal counters, Learning Resources Mini Motor counters and Learning Resources Fruity Fun counters, Learning Resources Link 'N' Learn Links, Learning Resources pattern blocks and transparent counters. Includes six sorting bowls, sorting tray and suggested activities. Packed in a handy storage box. Suitable for ages 3+. Learn More
  4. Penguins on Ice Maths Activity Set
    £23.69 23.69
    £19.74 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Penguins on Ice Maths Activity Set. What a "cool" maths activity! Versatile set encourages children to explore various maths concepts as they connect the ice bars horizontally or vertically and attach the coloured penguin counters. Perfect for creating number lines, hundred grids, counting, patterning, sorting, operations and base ten. Includes 10 plastic ice bars (30cm L x 2.5cm H), 100 plastic penguins in 10 colours and Activity Guide and photocopiable worksheet. Suitable for ages 5+ Learn More
  5. Time Tracker® Visual Timer & Clock
    £27.73 27.73
    £23.11 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Time Tracker 2.0 Classroom Timer. Our Time Tracker has been updated with a simplified design for 2017! Keep children on track with bright and colourful visual cues. Simply use the auto set function, or easily program the green, yellow and red section along with six sound effects to indicate to learners when time is running out. The 180º viewing area ensures everyone can see the traffic light style timer. With six sounds to choose from, this new and improved Time Tracker is great for tests, experiments, practice lessons, and playtime. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included) or AC Adapter (sold separately) Measures 22.5 cm H. Learn More
  6. All About Me - Family Counters, set of 72
    £15.23 15.23
    £12.69 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources All About Me Family Counters (Set of 72). Help children learn all about themselves and their family with these modern, colourful family-themed counters. Bright coloured counters are also a great way to liven up a variety of maths activities while developing counting skills, sorting and patterning. Soft rubber counters are wipe clean - perfect for hands-on use. Counters feature six family members, including a pet cat, in six different colours (green, orange, yellow, blue, purple and red). Set of 72 counters come in a handy storage tub. Tallest figure measures 6cm H. Suitable for ages 3+ Learn More
  7. Fun Fish Counters
    £21.10 21.1
    £17.58 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Fun Fish Counters. These colourful fish counters feature 12 different species with realistic detailing. Beautifully detailed soft rubber fish counters are ideal for developing early maths activities and storytelling. Set includes 60 plastic counters, suggested activities and plastic storage tub. Fish measure approximately 6.5cm. Counters are also perfect for student awards. Suitable for ages 3+ Learn More
  8. Big Time™ Classroom Clock Kit
    £41.99 41.99
    £34.99 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Big Time Classroom Clock Kit. This comprehensive clock kit is perfect for demonstrating and teaching primary maths learners time! Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships as you demonstrate time-telling concepts for children to copy on their mini geared clocks. Clocks are made from durable plastic and have easy-to-read hour and minute markings. Hands are colour-coded to aid teaching of hours and minutes. This teaching time set includes a helpful teaching guide, large demonstration clock for front of class use and 24 mini geared clocks for class participation. Demonstration Clock measures 34cm, mini clocks measure 10cm. Suitable for ages 5+. Extra Learning Resources Geared Mini Clocks are also available (available separately) Learn More
    £6.50 6.5
    £5.42 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Primary Shapes Template Set. Early learners can get hands on with 2D shapes with these primary shape templates! Set of 5 plastic templates enable children to draw variety of shapes in six different sizes (children trace around the entire template for the largest size) to help identify relationships and connections. Each brightly coloured template is clearly labelled and offers the shape in different orientations for relational examples. Includes templates for circles, squares, rectangles, triangles and hexagons. Largest template, Rectangle measures 18cm L x 11cm H. Suitable for ages 4+. Learn More
  10. Pretend & Play® Calculator Cash Register with UK Money
    £25.99 25.99
    £21.66 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register with UK Play Money. Learning coin recognition and equivalencies has never been so much fun! This toy cash register works as a real working, solarpowered calculator, ideal for developing a variety of early maths skills! The oversized buttons and large digital display make this pretend cash register perfect for young learners. Includes HM Treasury approved replica educational coins! Measures 26cm W x 24cm L. Suitable for ages 3+ Learn More
  11. Learning Resources Double-Sided Magnetic Rainbow Fraction Squares
    £21.25 21.25
    £17.71 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Double-Sided Magnetic Rainbow Fraction Squares. These hands-on, colour-coded numeracy resources are designed to help students visualise and understand fraction concepts. The colour-coded pieces help reinforce connections between equivalent amounts as children simply piece together the pieces on any magnetic surface. This set is ideal for adding, subtracting and comparing fractions. Percentages are printed on the reverse. Magnetic properties enable tiles to be easily used as a front of class resource. Set of 51 includes: one whole, halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, tenths, twellfths. One whole square measures 16.5cm x 16.5cm. Suitable for ages 6+ Learn More
  12. Super Bucket Balance
    £14.99 14.99
    £12.49 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Super Bucket Balance. Perfect for measuring liquids or dry items, estimating, comparison and contrasting. Removable, clear 1liter buckets are easy to grip and pour and are marked in increments for convenient measuring. Includes builtin carrying handle and compensator with sensitivity to one gram. Measures 37 cm x 14 cm. Learn More
  13. Double-Sided Magnetic Fraction Circles
    £26.35 26.35
    £21.96 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources DoubleSided Magnetic Demonstration Rainbow Fraction Circles. Demonstrate fractions, percentages and equivalencies with these unique magnets, perfectly sized to be displayed front of class on a whiteboard. Teach the fraction then flip over the magnet to show the corresponding percentage a great way for young learners to understand the relationship between the concepts. Includes nine 18cm circles (whole, ½, 1/3, ¼, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10 and 1/12) and Activity Guide. Suitable for ages 6+ Learn More
  14. Three Bear Family® Pattern Cards
    £7.99 7.99
    £6.66 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources The Original Three Bear Family Pattern Cards. These Three Bear Family Pattern Cards have been designed to be used along side the Learning Resources Original Three Bear Family Counters. This set of 16 doublesided, fullcolour activity cards match the actual size of the plastic bear counters. Double sided pattern cards come packaged in reusable plastic envelope with snap closure, ideal for safe storage. Suitable for ages 3+. Use with Learning Resources The Original Three Bear Family Counter Sets (available separately) Learn More
  15. Primary Bucket Balance
    £12.42 12.42
    £10.35 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Primary Bucket Balance. Perfect for measuring liquids or dry items, estimating, comparisons and contrasting. The Learning Resources Primary Bucket Balance includes a storage drawer in the base and two removable 400ml buckets with marked measurement indicators. Add the included bucket lids to create a platform balance. Measures 42 cm x 16.5 cm x 15. Suitable for ages 3+ Learn More
  16. Soft Foam Dot Dice
    £21.55 21.55
    £17.96 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Soft Foam Dot Dice. These durable and washable foam dice are ideal for games and teaching probability. Foam dice allow for quiet and safe play. Dice measure 1.5cm. Suitable for ages 3+ Learn More
  17. Pan Balance
    £19.95 19.95
    £16.62 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Pan Balance. This durable plastic pan balance is great for exploring basic measurement concepts. Each 1 litre (1,000ml) pan can measure up to 2kg of weight using the included 5g and 10g plastic stacking weights. Sturdy pan balance has sliding compensators for zero adjustment. Set includes Learning Resources Pan Balance, five plastic 5g weights and five plastic 10g weights. Balance measures 61cm x 35.5cm. Suitable for ages 5+ Learn More
    £12.32 12.32
    £10.27 (Ex VAT)
    These colour-coded proportional tiles provide a visual and tactile way to teach fractions, decimals, percents and relationships. Colours are consistent with other resources in the Rainbow Fraction range. Teacher's Guide included. Learn More
  19. Fraction Tower® Cubes
    £12.85 12.85
    £10.71 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Fraction Tower Cubes Fraction Set. Colourful, durable, interlocking cubes are perfect for students wanting to explore and compare fractions! Colour-coded cubes have fractions printed on all four sides so children can easily see connections between different fraction formulas. Children are able to visualise and get hands-on with this set of 51 pieces. Suitable for ages 6+ Learn More
  20. Sum Swamp™ Addition & Subtraction Game
    £10.34 10.34
    £8.62 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Sum Swamp Addition & Subtraction Game. This Learning Resources award winning game is perfect for reinforcing addition and subtraction skills. Swamp-themed board game focuses on numbers 0-6 and is designed for 2-4 players. Ideal for the whole family, the first player rolls all three dice and creates a number sentence. The player then moves ahead the sum value. Beware of the Endless Loop and other game play spaces. The first player to reach the finish space is the winner! Includes two number dice and one operational die. Board measures 33cm W x 22cm L. Suitable for ages 5+ Learn More
  21. Fraction Tower® Cubes- Equivalency Set
    £10.99 10.99
    £9.16 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Fraction Tower Cubes Equivalency Set. This visual equivalency cube set is ideal for helping young maths learners understand and visualise fraction concepts and equivalencies through the colourcoded pieces. The durable, interlocking cubes allow children to build simple, mathematical models. This set is perfect for developing a range of handson fraction and equivalency skills as well as being a useful maths accessory. Suitable for ages 6+ Learn More
  22. Mini Relational GeoSolids®
    £13.39 13.39
    £11.16 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Mini Relational GeoSolids. Teach shapes, sizes and relationships with these handy colourful, plastic geometric pieces. Includes four sizes of eight shapes: triangular prism, cube, cone, cylinder, rectangular prism, hexagonal prism, triangular pyramid and square pyramid. Each shape measures from 1.5cm to 4.5cm. Includes Teaching Guide. Suitable for ages 5+ Learn More
    £10.95 10.95
    £9.12 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Cuisenaire Rods Plastic Introductory Set. This numeracy resource set from Learning Resources has enough rods for 2-3 individuals to use together. Rods come in ten different sizes from 1cm to 10cm and feature ten different colours. Each colour represents a different length. Cuisenaire Rods can be used to reinforce a variety of maths skills such as addition and subtraction, fractions and decimals, geometry and measurement and patterns and algebra. This set of 74 rods comes in a handy storage tray and includes a teacher’s guide. Suitable for ages 4+ Learn More
    £22.23 22.23
    £18.52 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Giant Magnetic Base Ten Demonstration Set. Demonstrate a variety of primary maths skills with this Giant Magnetic Base Ten Demonstration Set! Ideal for reinforcing place value, fractions, decimals, estimation, arithmetic and percentages, this front-of-class magnetic set enables students to visualise mathematical concepts with ease. Features real life photography for 3-D visualisation. Includes 131 blue base ten pieces - 100 units, 20 rods, 10 flats, one cube. Flats measure 17cm. Units measure 1.5cm. Suitable for ages 6+. Learn More
  25. Hundreds Pocket Chart
    £16.36 16.36
    £13.63 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Hundred Pocket Chart. This large pocket chart is the ideal size for classroom display and demonstration of a variety of maths concepts, making this hundreds pocket chart a classroom essential! Specifically designed to teach and highlight number patterns with the colour-coded cards, this versatile chart can also be used to teach numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and many more early maths skills. Number cards are coloured differently on each side. Contains 120 numbered cards and a teaching guide. Chart measures 66cm W x 70cm H. Suitable for ages 5+ Learn More
  26. Three Bear Family® Counter Set - 6 Colours
    £16.38 16.38
    £13.65 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources The Original Three Bear Family Rainbow Set. The Three Bear Family Rainbow Set includes small plastic bear counters in three different sizes and weights. These awardwinning counters are ideal for developing a variety of early maths skills, such as weighing, counting, sorting and comparisons. Bears measure 2.5cm4cm and come in six different colours (Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple). Handy storage tub also included. Three Bear Family Counters can be used with the Learning Resources Beginner's Balance Set (available separately). Suiotable for ages 3+ Learn More
  27. Geared Mini-Clocks
    £12.56 12.56
    £10.47 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Geared Mini Clocks. Develop early time telling skills with these sturdy geared mini clocks. Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minutes while hands are colour-coded to aid the teaching of hours and minutes. Mini student clocks are made from durable plastic and have easy-to-read hour and minute markings. Clocks measure 10cm. Suitable for ages 5+. Learn More
  28. Connecting People®
    £14.40 14.4
    £12.00 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Connecting People (Set of 96). These colourful connecting counters are ideal for introducing a variety of early maths skills to young learners. Engage children in numeracy activities that will develop their counting and sorting skills while introducing them to simple size comparisons. Featuring male and female people, these durable plastic counters come in three sizes and four colours. Smallest measures 3.5cm. Suitable for ages 3+. Extend the learning opportunities with Learning Resources Connecting People Double Sided Pattern Cards (available separately). Learn More
    £5.66 5.66
    £4.72 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Foam Dot Dice. These colourful Foam Dot Dice are a Learning Resources best seller. Set of two dice in red and blue. These soft foam dice offer a safe addition to game play for a variety of early skills and maths activities. Large enough for group participation so everyone can see the outcome of the dice roll! Suitable for ages 3+. Learn More
  30. Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game
    £19.16 19.16
    £15.97 (Ex VAT)
    Learning Resources Mental Blox Critical Thinking Game. Inspire kids thinking skills with this pattern and matching game! Ideal for building memory skills, this colourful critical thinking game requires players to re-create a structure from the activity game cards. Increase the challenge by having players create their model by verbal direction instead of looking at the activity cards. Game play promotes strategic thinking, problem solving and listening skills. Includes 20 chunky plastic pieces in four shapes and three different attributes (spots, stripes and solid colour)! Includes 40 challenges. Blocks measure 5cm. Suitable for ages 5+. Learn More
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