Sphero Mini Activity Pack

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- 1 robotic ball with a clear shell - 15 Activity Cards - 28-piece Construction Set - 6 Bowling Pins, - 3 Cones - Robotic Ball Cover - Micro USB Cable

Learn. Play. Code. The Sphero Mini Activity Kit has everything you need to start playing, building, and learning. Each kit includes a Sphero Mini clear shell robot, a 28-piece Construction Set, and 15 guided Activity Cards.


Follow the STEM-inspired Activity Cards to build mazes, design obstacle courses, construct towers, play sports, and more. Complete all the challenges and games and then create your own fun—the possibilities are endless.


Download the Sphero Play app to explore driving modes or use the robot as a controller for arcade-style in-app games. When you're ready to start coding, download the Sphero Edu app and dive into Draw, Blocks, and Text programming activities.

So many ways to learn. So many ways to play.

 The Sphero Mini Activity Kit squeezes a huge experience into a tiny robot the size of a ping pong ball. Drive, game, create and get inspired with the included Activity Cards, accessories and Construction Set.


Packed with teeny tiny tech, Sphero Mini has a little gyroscope, accelerometer, and a customizable LED light that glows in any color of your choice. Included with Sphero Mini Activity Kit are 15 Activity Cards, a 28-Piece Construction Set, 3 mini Traffic Cones, 6 mini Bowling Pins, and a Robotic Ball Cover to inspire some fun right out of the box.

Learn. Play. Code.

Guided Creative Play

Use the included activity cards and construction set to complete all the challenges and games—and then create your own fun.

 Drive Modes

Tilt your device. Pull back and Slingshot forward. Use the Joystick. Whatever you’re in the mood for, the Sphero Play app has it.


Use the ball as a controller with the Sphero Play app to dodge and destroy asteroids, race through a rotating tunnel, or smash a polygon of bricks.


Download the free Sphero Edu app to start coding with your robot -- draw and drive, drag and drop Scratch blocks or write your own JavaScript

More Information
Micro USB rechargeable battery.
45 minutes of play time.
Guided activities to challenge, educate and inspire
Drive around and learn to code using the Sphero Play App and Sphero Edu App
Entry-level coding with our draw Canvas means no previous programming experience is needed